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Types of Sand Bags

Types of Sandbags

Hessian Filled Sandbags

Hessian Sandbags

Hessian sandbags are a great choice for those who prefer an environmentally friendly option.  Hessian is a bio-degradable material that will eventually decompose even if treated for UV rays, rot and mildew which extends its use a little longer.  As they are a natural material, they are also ‘wildlife friendly’.

Being a tried and tested product for flood defence, they also have numerous other uses including military, traffic management and demolition.  They can also be used to create attractive natural looking walls and raised borders in the garden.

These are typically filled with 15kg of sand.

UV Protected Woven Polypropylene Sandbags

UV Protected Woven Polypropylene Sandbags

UV stabilised woven polypropylene (plastic heavy duty sandbags)  are treated to protect them against ultra violet light to give a longer life when exposed to the sun. These woven sandbags are ideal for more demanding temporary uses such as extended flood protection, defensive walls and weighting down signage for Traffic Management.  This type of heavy duty sandbag is designed for multiple re-use so can have long term cost benefits.

These are typically filled with 15kg of sand.

Bulk Bags of Sand For Flood defence

Bulk Bag Sandbags

We can supply large scale bulk sandbags which are essentially a bulk bag (also known as dumpy bags, builders bags or big bags) filled with sand and these can be used to create a dam-like structure to prevent water escaping from overflowing streams and rivers and also to divert water away from the highways and properties.


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