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Customer Services


The following check list is provided to ensure that your delivery is achieved safely and to minimize the risk of any delays or problems occurring:

  1. Have I given the correct Address, Postcode and Contact Telephone number?
  2. Have I ensured the route to the property has suitable access for an 18 tonne tail-lift vehicle?
  3. Are there any obstacles such as low hanging trees that may interfere with the high sides of the vehicle? If so the driver could have problems getting the vehicle to the location.
  4. Is the delivery address for the goods on a Solid Flat and Level surface, i.e. -Concrete, tarmac or Block paving? Pallet trucks cannot operate on grass, mud, gravel; lose ground, up or down inclines or steps.
  5. Have I ensured that I or another individual will be available to sign for the goods on delivery? (If a signature is unavailable there must be a safe place to leave the goods, if not the goods may be returned for delivery at a later date.  Further charges per pallet may be incurred if this happens).

See our Delivery Page for full details.

Returns Policy

  • The customer has the right to cancel any order. However any cancellation must be made prior to dispatch, this means if the product is ordered before 12.00pm this must be cancelled by 4pm on the same day. If ordered after 12.00pm cancellation must be made before 4pm the following day.
  • Cancellations should be made by telephoning 0300 303 3213 between the hours of 9.00 and 5.00pm
  • Customers may return the goods at their own expense to the aforementioned address within 7 working days from the day following the day of delivery or we will collect the goods and charge you the cost of return which will be a minimum of £50.00+vat per pallet plus any zonal charges.
  • Returned loads if cancelled en route will incur a return delivery charge of £50.00+vat per pallet; this will be deducted from any refund due.
  • Where a delivery cannot made on the due date due to access issues or unforeseen circumstances we will attempt a re-delivery at your request for a charge of £50.00+vat per pallet. If you have any queries relating to this or any other issue please call us on 0300 303 3213.


Do you deliver using a crane offload?

Our standard deliveries are done with a tail lift vehicle and the pallets are maneuvered using a manual pump truck. For large orders we can arrange for deliveries to be made using a crane or hi-ab vehicle, this must be organised prior to orders being placed by telephone, speak to the team for more information.

What if I am not there to receive the goods?

There must be someone there to sign for the goods, if this is not possible then you MUST contact The Stone & Garden Company by telephone so we can discuss and ensure that conditions are suitable and that we can leave the goods in a safe place. If there isn’t a safe place to leave the goods they may have to be taken away, this may result in return or possible re-delivery charges.

How long does delivery take after ordering?

We have different delivery options available for example next day delivery if ordered before 12 noon but the standard delivery can be there in just 2 working days if ordered before 12noon otherwise it would be 3 working days. If this isn’t suitable for you, you can request any other day after that and we will schedule the order for delivery that day.

What weight is in your Pre-Filled bags?

Our bags are filled to approx 15kg however we can fill to different weight if required.

Will my local council supply me with Sand Bags?

Local authorities don’t have a mandatory duty to provide local residents with sand bags.

Can I still receive my delivery if I am already flooded or my area is flooded?

Yes you may be able to still receive your delivery, but this is dependent on the local road conditions and the available access to your property at the time of delivery. As the customer it is your responsibility to ensure access is suitable for vehicles to deliver.

What’s the best way to prepare for a flood?

The main thing is speed get the defense system in as fast as possible and do not wait until it actually happens as it can be too late. It may seem like your paying for something you do not need but it will be cheaper than replacing all the items in the house as well as repairing the property itself.

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